Birch forest, where the owners of G-moodi, Kati Alasaari and Jusa Kaivo-oja, pose.


G-moodi is a certain kind of state of mind ('mood'), feeling and way of being. It is light and cheerful at the same time, but also a bit whimsical and eccentric. In the G-moodi, you lash out and giggle, but you also know how to calm down and curl up under the blanket. It's good to be in G-moodi, always.

G-moodi is a design company founded in 2020 in Seinäjoki. It designs and manufactures interior and party products and jewelry by laser cutting. All our products are designed and manufactured in Finland. As a material, G-mode uses Finnish birch plywood, but other materials also bend in our hands. G-moodi also serves other companies as a reliable and fast subcontracting partner. The founders of the company are Kati Alasaari and Jusa Kaivo-oja.


Kati Alasaari is the backbone of G-moodi. He keeps the Excel rows in order, tenders the contracts, familiarizes himself with the material suppliers' materials and makes sure that the things are in order.

As a balance to her financial role, Kati is also an artist soul who immerses herself in painting and colors and the visual spiral of Pinterest for hours. Ideas for G-moodi's products may come across a forest path or in the lyrics of a song. Kati first sketches her ideas with a pen on paper and only then sits down at the computer's design program.

In entrepreneurship, Kati is fascinated by freedom. Freedom from schedules and other people's decisions. Kati, who spent her working career in financial administration and marketing, is grateful for what she learned and experienced in her workplace, but the looming call to the entrepreneurial path was irresistible. Going solo was not an option, Kati thinks that a business partner is an important piece as a spirit lifter and a sparring partner for inspiration. With a business partner who gets excited about same visual things, the two become more than the sum of their parts.

By education, Kati is a trade expert in accounting and an expert in print communication. He is currently studying visual expression and media.

Kati's family includes her husband, a school-age daughter and a son under one year old. In his spare time, he enjoys not only his home team, but also painting, theatre, exercise and music.


Jusa Kaivo-oja is often seen on the farthest edge of the universe, pondering, experimenting and otherwise just feeling what all the G-moodi could do. Jusa is a little allergic to spreadsheets and invoicing programs, but instead enjoys the glow of the laser cutter. Jusa feels that her enthusiastic nature is shown at its best when her entrepreneurial colleague Kat is her counterpart.

Jusa's years of work have included a variety of jobs, from bar work to factory work, but the last few years he has worked in the IT industry. In design entrepreneurship, the (plywood) pieces have fallen into place: the opportunity to decide on his job description and working hours is important to Jusa. Jusa is a data scientist by training and a media assistant focused on animation / game production. 

When he has time off work, Jusa tries to listen to all the releases on Spotify that suit his music taste - and there are plenty of them. Free time is also spent following the wife through the woods, forced into nature. Escapism moments playing video games that last for days have been part of hobbies since the 80s.

In addition to his beloved wife, Jusa's family members include five cats and a dog. Everyone is involved in all possible work and leisure patterns, in the peace of the countryside.
Piirintie 3, 60220 Seinäjoki
044 744 2622
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